Sunday, November 15, 2009

Finding New Music

In the past, the only way to find out about new music was either by word of mouth or on the radio. But now, with the internet there are a million and one ways to find the music you love. One of the most widely used and well known music discovery outlet is the website, Pandora allows users to create an account and then lets them build, in essence, custom made internet radio stations complete with the artists they choose as well as a variety of artists that make music similar to the song or band that the user originally searched.
There are many different sites similar to Pandora but are more genre specific. For example, Mike Zambrzuski a Marketing Sophomore, uses the site to get the inside track on new hip hop music before it comes out.

"I like to use it because I'm such a big fan of hip hop, and It's good to find new artists that sound like the people I already like.
Aside from using the internet, its also fun to go to live shows. Usually there is an opening band that is similar to the headliner. Also, with the emergence of Twitter, musicians are able to put up links in their statuses that update their followers with information about new songs.

So, whether its genre specific or you just want to get exposed to new music in general, there are nearly endless ways for you to discover the music that moves you.

Photo: Jam Band, Tortoise
Taken by: Justin Goff

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