Sunday, September 20, 2009

Explosions in the sky.

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This week i will be showcasing one of my favorite bands of the past five years. Explosions in the sky is a completely instrumental post-rock group based out of Austin Texas. Originally formed in 1999 the group was originally called "Breaker Morant" but later changed their name after one of their members made a reference to fireworks.
Since their inception, the band has recorded six albums, including the soundtrack for the 2004 football film Friday Night Lights.
Their music, to me, has the ability to bring out every human emotion at once. As impossible as it may seem, i can attest to laughing, crying, and wanting to punch a hole in the wall all at the same time.
Most recently, the band has gone back into the studio after taking time with their families and is expected to release an album in the near future.

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  1. I love this group. I discovered them while living in Phoenix in 2006 from a good friend I met out there and found their music to be very appropriate to my emotions at the time. I was discovering so many great artists and groups that weren't typical of my tastes, which led me to a musical transition in my life.