Sunday, October 25, 2009

Festivals, Festivals, Festivals

Love music but don't want to pay to see all your favorite artists separately? Music Festivals are the perfect answer to this question.
Typically, most music festivals are held during the summer months and showcase a variety of bands that spans the entire music spectrum.
Zac Holly, who has frequented many music festivals, including South by Southwest (abbreviated SXSW) says that they are definitely a rewarding experience
"I really liked the environment because the shows were in really different show i went to was in the back of a barbershop and another was in a park."

The locations of festivals can vary greatly. For example, SXSW is held in downtown Austin, Texas whereas, the super festival known as Bonnaroo is held in rural Tennessee on a five hundred acre farm. The main venue has 3 large stages and several smaller stages scattered throughout. It also boasts a large marketplace area where festival goers can purchase an array of items including the music of the artists playing the show. Guests are assigned camping spaces that are their home for the 3-day span of the festival.
It's a great experience for anyone who loves music and doesn't mind getting a little dirty.
Some people however, aren't exactly into sharing space with huge amounts of people.

Adam Saylor attended Wakarusa in Kansas and wasn't too keen on the environment.

"I went to Wakarusa and i loved seeing all the bands but i didn't necessarily like the idea of so many people in such a small space"

Going to festivals is definitely an acquired taste. It definitely takes alot of planning an preparation. Most festivals offer helpful hints and tips on how to get ready. Bonnaroo does a great job providing their guests with every possible item they could possibly need. There is a section on their website that lists all the necessary supplies to "survive" the experience.

So no matter what type of music you prefer there is definitely a Festival out there for you to attend. Dont let the price deter you(on average, tickets can cost upwards of 200 dollars) going to a festival is the best way to get all your favorite music in one place.

If you want to find a festival near you but don't know where to start, take a look at

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  1. Justin, do not forget - timeliness. Pull it into something happening now. Are they planning festivals now? Talk to the organizers. I know you can pull through the middle of the semester funk - ;-) julie