Sunday, October 18, 2009

Indie Music Defined

What is independent music? For many music lovers, the term independent or “indie” music refers to a specific sound or aesthetic that a band possesses. In actuality, the real meaning behind the term refers to the way the music is produced and distributed.
Many upcoming bands start out by essentially being their own agents, promoting shows, selling merchandise and distributing music.
Now, with the explosion of media outlets like myspace, twitter, and facebook, groups are able to get their name out to the public and do relatively well although they aren’t necessarily enjoying the monetary success that major label groups may gain.
For a large percentage of independent artists, the simple fact that they are making music that people enjoy is enough to satisfy them and inspire the drive to continue producing music.
However, the line that defines independents music is starting to blur at an increasing rate. Heavy hitters on the indie scene like Deathcab for Cutie and Modest mouse have crossed over into the mainstream and taken it by storm. And while they are enjoying massive success and making way more than they did as true independent artists, to many, they have drifted away from the original ideals and goals of independent musicians.
So, as the barrier between mainstream and indie continues to break, the definition of independent music will inevitably change and many people will lose sight of independent music’s true origins. Many hope the transition is much later than sooner.

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