Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Righs

Celtic punk ensemble, The Righs, will be invading OU's campus to perform on the student-run program, "The Set".
The Edmond-Based band had a bit of a rough start as rhythm guitarist and back-up vocalist, Nate Williams recalls, "My first band, Ruthless Nate and the Crazy 8's was a complete failure." But that didn't stop him from trying.
In the Summer of 2005, soon-to-be bandmate, Jack Smith approached him with a song and the two just ran with their ideas. Within the year, the duo had become a full band complete with an accordion player and even a mandolin player whom they acquired with an ad that read "Hey guitarists, do you want to learn mandolin and play in a band?"
At the time, the group was known as The Rivers, but issues involving an English band with the same name prompted them to choose a different moniker. After many outrageous names, which included The Dirty Mercenaries, they finally settled on The Righs which is Gaelic for king.
For those confused about what exactly Celtic Punk is, here's a brief description: Celtic punk combines all the elements of traditional Celtic songs with the high energy guitar riffs and gruffness of punk rock. Think bands like the Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly and you'll have a general idea.
So with a new name, and a few new members, The Righs (pronounced "rigs") began writing songs and playing shows. Now, almost three years later, the Righs are in the process of cutting their sophomore effort, entitled "Roses" which is dedicated to a friend who passed away.
If you find yourself wanting to find out more about The Righs, be sure to check out their site at:

In this photo: Nate Williams
Taken by: Justin Goff

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  1. Justin,
    Nice job! A few comments on the photo - a bit dark and watch for those eyes. As humans we want to see those eyes! Keep in your head, what is in that should be out and what is OUT that should be IN. That would help as a reminder to get the eyes in the shot!

    I love the line "Still confused?" It shows you are thinking about how you are communicating to your audience. Nice!